Thursday, January 14, 2016

Visiting the Kirirom farms and factory

Today, on our third day on the project, we visited Kirirom Food Production's factory and mango farms. After almost four months of having known about the company, we were excited see it for ourselves. And ofcourse, we were looking forward to seeing almost 80 hectares of mango farms owned by Kirirom.

And we were not disappointed! One of the highlights of the day was meeting Chhron Dallis, one of the three siblings of the Chhron family and the Managing Director of Kirirom. Her passion and energy were infectious. One could sense her connection with the factory workers by her modest attitude. On reaching the factory which is located in the eponymous mango-producing region of Kirirom in the south-west of Cambodia, Dallis gave us a tour. One by one, we were introduced to the various steps through which a mango is processed- from the time that it is received from the farms till the last step when it's packaged. Although the visit sparked many more questions about the operation of the factory and the procurement process, we were definitely impressed by the high standards of hygiene and quality followed by Kirirom.

After the tour, we were introduced to a new product that Kirirom was trying out for the first time exclusively for a Korean entrepreneur. As simple as an idea for mangoes can get, it is a mango on a stick. We all tried it and felt that it was a great replacement to having mangoes all year round- and perfect for those of us who are vary of the sugar content in ice-creams and popsicles.

In the evening, we saw the canteen, the volleyball field and the dormitory meant for the workers. The satisfaction of working at Kirirom was visible on their faces. At the end of the day, we came away feeling happy that the project is striving hard to live by the values of integrity, trust and the love of mangoes!

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